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Apple’s waterproof iPhone 7 to ditch the headphone jack

Big news is on offer for iPhone fans out there, even as the upcoming smartphone from Apple is apparently slated to let go of its headphone jack. Does this mean that it will rely upon Bluetooth accessories for delivering audio wirelessly? Thankfully, the answer is no!

Apple is supposedly planning to make use of the Lightning port of the iPhone 7 for plugging in the headphones. Amongst all other things, this move will enable the company to make the device thinner than its predecessor. It also means there’s one less port for the engineers to waterproof, as this next-gen device is said to be aiming for that property.

According to a report from MacOtakara (via Engadget), using the Lightning port instead of the 3.5mm jack will allow the iPhone 7’s headphones to deliver plenty of new and interesting features. These include headphone-based DACs and app launching, apart from other things.

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But there’s a big problem for Apple to counter due to this supposed decision. Little to no third-party manufacturers are making headphones with Lightning cables right now. It’d really be a task for the iPhone-maker to convince them otherwise.

This upcoming device will purportedly receive a complete design overhaul. Rumors are suggesting that the handset will abandon the home button completely, in favor of a more powerful focus on 3D Touch. This could also mean that the fingerprint scanner will be moved to the side surface of the device.

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Apart from the iPhone 7, we’re also expecting the launch of the iPhone 6C next year. There’s a chance Apple will be ditching the September release cycle in 2016 to launch the two smartphones early, but nothing’s certain at the moment.


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