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Apple’s Touch ID issues may delay iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Display
Image Credit: DailyTekk

Apple may still be undecided about how exactly Touch ID will work on the iPhone 8, worrying news for anyone eager to get their hands on the handset. Making things worse is that this uncertainly will almost certainly delay the handset by a couple of months.

Here to deliver this bad news is Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company. The analyst discussed the iPhone 8 in a memo, stating that Apple has so far come down to 3 options for its embedded fingerprint sensor.

One involves thinning the glass covering the sensor area. The second requires the creation of a pinhole through the glass in order to allow for an ultrasonic or optical sensor. The third takes advantage of capacitive or infrared technology to integrate a film sensor onto the iPhone 8’s display.

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The sole aspect which has been ruled out for sure is that there definitely won’t be Touch ID on the back of the Apple flagship. This is great news for people who reacted with horror at the images of a rear-facing fingerprint scanner.

No matter what Apple decides in the end, its tenth anniversary iPhone is probably going to be delayed by a month or two. Arcuri predicts that the company will be able to sell 46 million units in the September quarter, slightly below previous Wall Street numbers ranging from 47 to 48 million. In the long run, he thinks it’ll vend 90 million units in the holiday quarter.

All-in-all, the iPhone 8 will probably launch in September alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, but hit shelves only in October or November. This has been predicted before as well, so get ready to be patient even after the device gets announced.