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Apple’s second ever Android app is here, no it’s not Apple Music

Many are expecting Apple Music app to be released for Android devices right now, but the company has let the Beats Pill+ app become its second ever utility for Google’s OS. This particular app is meant for controlling the Pill+ Bluetooth speaker which was unveiled earlier this month.

To make things clear, the app is not necessary in order for the speaker to work, but is rather an accompaniment for enhancing its user experience. This Apple offering allows you to pair two Beats Pill+ speakers together to amplify the sound, or even have music played from two smartphones rather than just one.

It moreover, even allows you to give names to your devices for easy identification. The new Beats Pill+ has a neat feature that lets its users keep track of the battery levels of their speakers.

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Apple’s last outing on Android was an app which enabled easy switching from an Android handset to an iPhone. Dubbed Move to iOS, it lets you easily have your contacts, messages, photographs, videos, bookmarks and more transferred to an iPhone by establishing a connection between the two.

The long running rivalry between fans of Android and iOS had resulted in this app unnecessarily receiving extremely bad reviews. Sadly, that has also turned out to be the case for the new Beats Pill+ app, which is getting ridiculous reviews from people who are just trying to be funny.

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Apple’s new Beats Pill+ app can be downloaded now through the Google Play store by those who own the Bluetooth speaker. It is also available for download via the App Store for iOS devices, of course.

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