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Apple’s latest acquisition may improve iPhone low-light photos

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Apple’s snapped up a company called InVisage Technologies whose star product is a piece of tech called QuantumFilm. Chances are future iPhones could boast of better low-light photography thanks to the firm’s work.

Of course, Apple hasn’t actually confirmed what it’s planning to do with InVisage. The latter’s been around for 11 years, creating QuantumFilm as a way of integrating software and material science in image sensors. It’s supposed to be better at taking high-quality images in non-optimal lightning conditions than the silicon that’s used today.

QuantumFilm can apparently suck up the same amount of light as a silicon-based sensor, but it takes up 10 times less space and absorbs the full spectrum of light. It’s basically a photosensitive layer that utilizes a newly invented class of materials unlike anything available in the market today.


As noted in DxOMark’s evaluation of the iPhone X, the handset still has a long way to go when it comes to environments where this isn’t much light or when flash is being used. Apple could leverage InVisage’s prowess to shrink the amount of space the camera module takes up, while simultaneously providing vastly improved low-light and high-definition video capabilities.

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What’s more, there’s no reason why Apple wouldn’t take advantage of QuantumFilm for Face ID and AR. It’s shone a spotlight on the latter in recent times and will probably continue doing so in the future. InVisage appears to have joined the former sometime last year, so its technology may well be making its way to iPhones next year.