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Apple’s killed the 256GB iPhone 7

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If you were left unimpressed by the iPhone 8 and decided to go ahead and buy the largest capacity iPhone 7 instead, there’s some bad news for you. Apple has officially dropped the 2656GB variant of its 2016 flagship.

This elimination actually happened in September amidst the hubbub over the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The iPhone 7 is now only available in 32GB and 128GB options through official channels. An Apple customer service representative confirmed as much to Mashable.

If you absolutely need to have 256GB of space for all your stuff, you’ll have no choice but to opt for the highest-capacity iPhone 8. Third-party retailers and carriers like Amazon and Verizon are still currently selling the 256GB iPhone 7, but stock will eventually run out if Apple doesn’t produce more units.

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While there’s no official reason given for abandoning the 256GB iPhone 7, it’s likely Apple’s way to encourage people to opt for the iPhone 8. The handset and its Plus variant have reportedly been struggling in the US market, with some alleging that more people are buying the iPhone 7 instead. The older series is now $100 cheaper and has a lot in common with its predecessor.

The looming presence of the iPhone X doesn’t help Apple’s case either, as a number of people are willing to wait it out for the latest and greatest the company has to offer, no matter the astronomical $999 cost. The iPhone 7 will suffice for the rest, with the notable exception of 256GB crowd.