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Apple’s iPhone Reuse and Recycle program to simplify trade-ins

‘Reuse and Recycle’ happens to be the name of an apparent new Apple initiative for its iPhone, which has been aimed at boosting sales in the US even further. Cupertino will supposedly be launching it on August 30, while its full scale implementation across the US will be complete in September. Under the plan, all customers will be able to trade-in their iPhones at Apple stores to gain discounts on the company‘s new smartphones that they will purchase.

9to5Mac has broken this supposed news, and has also revealed the details of how the Reuse and Recycle program will work. A person who needs to buy a new iPhone will tell an employee at an Apple store about this, and the employee will then check the old device using their unique mobile EasyPay machines. Based on the information that’s fed to the machine like display quality, button quality, hardware damage and more, it will calculate the exact amount that the customer will be able to redeem through it. They would then be allowed to back up their storage if the need be.


Following this, the Apple store employee will grant the buyer a new iPhone along with a plastic bag and a gift card bearing the amount that’s to be paid towards the new iPhone. Upon processing the transaction, the employee will place the old device in the plastic bag, and offer the customer their SIM card for the setup of their new iPhone.

A clause for this supposed program is that the new iPhone must be an on-contract model, and it should be activated on scene. Those devices that are traded in will apparently be shipped to BrightStar for being recycled and used in the US. We’ll have more on this program when additional details are out.