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Apple’s headphones may come out by the end of 2018

Apple Headphones Concept
Image Credit: The Apple Post

We recently heard a rumor about Apple making plans for over-the-ear wireless headphones of its own after the surprise success of the AirPods. A new Bloomberg report has now backed up this claim and added some new details to the mix.

Apple is apparently developing a pair of noise-canceling over-ear headphones which would serve as worthy rivals to Bose and even its own Beats subsidiary. The brand wants to launch the accessories by the end of 2018, but it’s apparently been facing development challenges which might push back the product’s release.

Even the HomePod faced similar issues in its lifecycle. The new headset is going through multiple redesigns at the moment and could get revamped again before its arrival later in the year. The entire project may even get scrapped, so there’s no guarantee we’ll be seeing a finished product in 2018.

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The report asserts that these will be high-end headphones, adopting a HomePod-like approach to the music sector. This means that it’ll probably be more expensive than its closest rivals, but will sound great. It’ll definitely be pricier than the AirPods and is supposedly going to share the same advanced audio technology, escalating costs.

As for Beats, Apple isn’t going to discard the company in the face of its new venture. It plans to keep the Beats name alive and develop a completely new one for the headphones. This makes sense, since the former is a successful business in its own right. Still, the new headphones will definitely cannibalize some of its sales.