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Apple’s discounted iPhone battery offer ends on December 31

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It’s been a year since Apple apologized to consumers for throttling their iPhones without telling them. It paired that apology with an offer – $50 off from the price of an iPhone battery. However, this deal will end on 31 December 2018. If you’re thinking of replacing your handset’s battery, the time is now.

In case you’re struggling to remember the details, the controversy began with a simple Reddit post. The poster claimed that his iPhone became a lot faster after he replaced the battery. After some investigation, it was discovered that there’s a link between iPhone performance and battery health.

Apple Gets Caught, Offers Discount

Turns out, Apple had been slowing down iPhones which had poor battery health or suffered an unexpected shutdown. It didn’t think to tell consumers this, so a lot of them bought new iPhones. Naturally, there was a huge backlash against the company and it was forced to roll out some new measures to deal with the mess such as a dedicated Battery Health page in Settings.

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Another is the discount mentioned above, as seen on Apple’s page for battery repairs. The cheaper battery replacement varies by country and taxes, with the US paying $29 and India paying Rs 2000. All iPhone 6 and above models are eligible. You don’t have to have a failing battery to be eligible for the discount since the firm has promised it will replace all units, no questions asked.

You can check your iPhone’s battery status by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Heath. You should ideally replace the battery if its maximum capacity is below 80% or you’ve experienced an unexpected shutdown. You can still go ahead and take advantage of the cut even if it’s at 95% or hasn’t randomly switched off.

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Once January 1 arrives, Apple will charge $49 for an iPhone 6 and above battery replacement. The iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are a bit more expensive at $69. This is still a drop from the $79 the brand used to ask for.

It should be noted that Apple has a separate free battery replacement program for certain iPhone 6S units. You can check if you’re eligible for that here. In both cases, you can either mail in your iPhone or visit an Apple Store. In our experience, an in-store visit only takes a couple of hours, so that might be your best option if you’re worried about being apart from your iPhone.

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