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Apple’s autonomous plans extends beyond just self-driving cars

Apple Autonomous Car
Apple’s Autonomous Car

Apple’s slowly opening up about its self-driving car plans, specifically the autonomous system that would power such a vehicle. The company’s CEO Tim Cook offered a bit more insight into its ambitions during the brand’s earnings call recently.

To recall, Cook gave an interview earlier this year where he confirmed that Apple was working on self-driving car technology. At the time, he called autonomy “the mother of all AI projects.” He repeated the very same statement during the firm’s earnings call, discussing how it was very focused on autonomous systems and has a large project going on.

Cook also stated that it’s making a big investment in the sector. He didn’t clarify what this large project was exactly. One might assume he was talking about an Apple Car, but the CEO later said that autonomous systems can be used in a variety of ways and a vehicle is only one of many different areas.

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He then refused to go any further than that. This is probably the first time Apple has officially talked about a wider focus beyond just self-driving cars. Autonomy can be applied to various industries, with many companies working on autonomous drones, factory robots, and even food delivery robots.

Which area Apple will decide to concentrate on is a mystery right now. Cook had made similar comments about augmented reality before, resulting in iOS 11’s revolutionary ARKit which promises to bring AR to the masses. A similar effort for autonomous systems seems to be well underway, but we’ll have to wait and see what shape it takes.