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Apple’s AR headset could arrive sooner than expected

Vrvana Totem Headset
Vrvana Totem Headset

Apple’s smart glasses or AR/VR headset might be in the works right now as per a new DigiTimes report. It seems the chairman of one of its suppliers, Catcher, has revealed that the company will start supplying the chassis for a brand new product line outside its existing categories next year.

He didn’t actually mention what the device was and who it was being manufactured for, but market watchers think Catcher’s producing the chassis for Apple’s rumored AR or VR headset. The latter is a major client of the former and has shown a lot of interest in venturing deeper into the world of augmented and virtual reality.

Plus, another big Apple supplier named Quanta Computer recently teamed up with an AR firm called Lumus to manufacture lenses for smart glasses. There’s no direct Apple connection here either, but it’s within the realm of possibility that all these developments are in the interest of making a new product for the Cupertino-based brand.

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Apple itself reportedly snapped up an augmented reality startup called Vrvana just last month. The company is famous for the being the force behind the Totem mixed reality headset. It got pretty positive reviews when it was being demoed last year, with many appreciating the fact that it used cameras to project real world images onto its OLED display for an immersive blend of AR and VR.

This is different from Microsoft’s HoloLens which has a transparent screen to merge VR and AR. TechCrunch claims Apple paid $30 million to acquire Vrvana and the startup’s employees have already shifted to their new employer. All told, the iPhone maker’s AR device may just come to light in 2018 or 2019 rather than far off into the future.