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Apple’s AirPods may not arrive until January 2017

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Apple’s AirPods generated a lot of debate at the time of its launch, sparking both positive and negative reactions. The controversial accessories were supposed to come out in late October this year, finally putting an end to the question as to whether it was a hit or a flop.

Unfortunately, Apple has officially confirmed that the AirPods have been delayed without giving a reason or announcing a definitive date for its release. This gap in information has given rise to two different rumors regarding its roll out.

One comes straight out of China. DigiTimes, citing an Economic Daily News report, claims that market watchers have pinned down a January 2017 date for the AirPods’ arrival. Inventec, the firm manufacturing the wireless earphones, is expected to get a 7% increase in revenue to reach around NT $754 billion (US $23.83 billion) in 2017 because of the deal.

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However, the other report outlines a different timeline for the AirPods. Sources familiar with Apple’s plans told AppleInsider that there’s no official delay in shipments till January next year. In fact, employees at the brand’s retail outlets claim that there are already demonstration units of the device in a few stores.

One retail source asserted that they’re ready to go at any time and are just waiting for Apple’s green signal to start customer demonstrations. This certainly suggests that the company is preparing for an AirPods launch soon, though it can’t be taken as certifiable proof.

The AirPods carry a $159 price tag in the US and Rs 15400 one in India. We’ll let you know the moment it hits shelves in the months ahead.