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Apple working on MicroLED screens for Apple Watch, Glasses

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MicroLED has become a hot new buzz world in the Apple rumor circuit, with reports claiming that the company has a secret factory in California where it’s developing the next-gen screen. A new DigiTimes article now sheds a bit more light on its plans.

Apparently, Apple is gearing up its efforts in developing MicroLED panels for small and large products. It’s working with TSMC for the former and plans to use them in the Apple Watch and an AR wearable device. The first might measure 1.3-inch to 1.4-inch, while the second may go even smaller at 0.7-inch to 0.8-inch only.

We’ve been hearing tales about Apple’s AR device for a while now. It’ll most likely take the shape of a pair of augmented reality glasses, able to blend the real world with simulated objects. Sadly, it might take some time for us to find out what it looks like since the panel for it doesn’t have a mass production schedule yet.

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That’s not the case for the Apple Watch’s MicroLED screen, since the report claims production will begin in the second half of 2018 or at some point in 2019. However, not all models may get hold of the advanced tech since these displays are 400% to 600% more costly to manufacture as compared to the OLED panel on the current Apple Watch.

Based on this, it’s possible Apple will reserve its fancy MicroLED screen for top-of-the-line models. This makes sense, since not everyone will be ready to spend a bomb on it. As for the big MicroLED panels, the firm might utilize them in products much larger than its MacBooks. These will hit the production circuit in 2019 or later.