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Apple Watch set to hit India on November 6

With the iPhone 6S range having been made available in India quicker than in most other countries, Apple fans have been wondering what has taken the company so long to bring its Watch into India. News that should be music to their ears is that it’s going to be released on November 6.

The firm’s official website for India has started proclaiming this, though there’s no word on pricing yet. Neither is it known which versions of the Apple Watch among the three will be offered in India by Apple.

After the iPhone 6S range was found being sold in the nation at a higher price than anywhere else in the world, Apple would be hard at work getting the cost of the device right. In the US, it starts at $349 which translates into around Rs 22700.

Apple Watch

Owing to several import duty restrictions, the company won’t to able to sell its product at that price of course. Our guess is that the Apple Watch will start at somewhere around the Rs 30000 mark.

Websites like Grabmore.in are already selling the device in India right now, but its units are imported from the US and the UK and hence feature higher price tags. You can grab one for yourself through that site at a starting cost of Rs 36999.

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This smartwatch from the iPhone-maker comes in two sizes (38 and 42mm), and is sold in three different variants namely, Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport. All of them have been equipped with pressure sensitive displays and a digital crown which can be used for controlling their main functions.

While the company’s official site itself is telling us to expect the Apple Watch on November 6, no press statement has yet been sent out by it. Let us now wait and watch when it decides to do so.