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Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG tool restricted to the US

Apple Watch 4 ECG

The Apple Watch Series 4 has gotten a lot of people excited about its advanced electrocardiogram feature. However, there’s one key aspect which hasn’t gotten that much attention. The tool is set to be restricted to the US because of all the regulation surrounding it.

To recall, Apple announced that the ECG function will be rolled out via an update later this year. However, only American customers are being told they will get this upgrade. Consumers outside the US have no way of knowing when it’ll show up on their smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Availability

Apple isn’t even promoting the Apple Watch Series 4’s ability to produce ECGs on its international websites. They just highlight the pre-existing heart rate tool. This is a bit disappointing considering what a big deal the company made over the feature.

Surprisingly, Apple was cutting it pretty close even for its American users. Bloomberg reports that the US Food and Drug Administration sent the company approval just a day before it announced the new Apple Watch.

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It seems other regulators aren’t being as prompt. A person familiar with the matter claims Apple is in the process of gaining approval from the international equivalents of the FDA. As a result, no date for a global rollout has been decided. When it does, the firm plans to release a software update.

It sounds like Apple is going to wait until it gains approval from all relevant authorities across the world before rolling the ECG feature out to everyone outside the US. This could take a while, which may be why the brand hasn’t even announced when the wearable is arriving in certain markets like India.

Apple could alternatively release the tool on a market-to-market basis as and when it gains the necessary approvals. Whatever the end result, it sounds like you’ll have to be patient if you want to try out the Apple Watch Series 4’s biggest new addition outside the US.