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Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular finally coming to India

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 was launched with a big splash last year as it was the first one to support LTE connectivity and break free of the iPhone. The smartwatch is sold in 2 variants namely a GPS + Cellular version and a GPS-only model.

Unfortunately for Indian consumers, just the GPS Apple Watch Series 3 made it to the country. This might have occurred because the GPS + Cellular option requires a virtual eSIM instead of a physical SIM card. The technology is pretty new to the nation and requires the support of operators.

It seems Apple has managed to rope in Airtel and Reliance Jio as partners in India, as both carriers have announced that it’ll be putting the GPS + Cellular variant up for pre-orders starting from May 4. Sales will kick off from May 11.

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Sadly, the price of the GPS + Cellular Apple Watch Series 3 is being kept a mystery for now. The GPS-only one starts at Rs 32380 officially, so expect the upcoming model to be a bit more expensive than that. No other retailer has been mentioned so far, so it’s unclear whether sites like Amazon and Flipkart will also sell the wearable.

Reliance Jio customers can pick up the Apple Watch Series 3 via its site, Reliance Digital stores, and Jio shops. Early birds will get priority first day home delivery. The brand won’t charge them extra for using data on their smartwatch, as both the accessory and iPhone will operate on the same tariff.

Airtel subscribers can snap up the Apple Watch Series 3 via its website. However, they’ll have to be on one of its postpaid Infinity plans to get the data flowing. It should be noted that the same number has to be used on the iPhone and Apple Watch, regardless of which telecom provider is being used.