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Apple Watch sales for this year could breach the 12 million mark

Figures that definitely sound promising for Apple, have revealed that the Apple Watch is on track to sell off over 12 million units in 2015. Being listed as one of the top gifts to buy this holiday season, its sales during this period are expected to contribute hugely to that number.

As always, Apple is still shying away from revealing the exact number of units of its Watch wearable that have been sold. It’s hence that we have to rely upon data coming from analysts and financial observers to get a vague idea of how things are going for the product.

One such analyst is Daniel Ives of FBR & Co. who has checked with Apple retail stores to come up with the prediction that Apple Watch sales may very well breach the 6 million mark in the final quarter. Add to that the 6 million estimated total sales till date, and you get an idea of how important the holiday season is for this device.

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Apple Watch

As revealed by Apple Insider, Ives has noted that sales of the iPhone still remain Apple’s driving force, which is no surprise. However, with the wearable industry in its budding stages the company would definitely want to establish a strong foothold in it while it can.

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The Apple Watch can be purchased now in the form of three different models which come in two different size options. While the pricing starts at an already expensive $349, it can go up to a whopping $17000 if you’re willing to opt for the top model.

The Cupertino giant would be in a great position if the above mentioned prediction of the Apple Watch comes true.

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