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Apple Watch Apparently Detected Women’s Pregnancy Before Clinical Test

apple watch s8 menstrual cycle detection An Apple Watch has reportedly been credited with spotting a woman’s pregnancy before she was even aware of it.

According to a 34-year-old woman on Reddit, the watch indicated that her average resting heart rate had significantly increased in just a few days, which made her suspect that something was off.

“Usually, my resting heart rate is about 57 and my heart rate has increased to 72. It’s not a big jump, but it showed up on an alert that it’s been higher for 15 days. I started trying to figure out why,” she wrote on the platform.

“The watch knew I was pregnant before I knew it! I would have never ever tested without wearing my watch because I have not had a period to be late on one,” she added.

Meanwhile, the tech giant unveiled Apple Watch Series 8 in India, which delivers best-in-class health features, including an innovative temperature sensor that enables advanced features for women’s health and Crash Detection for severe car crashes.