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Apple Watch Series 4 render reveals larger display, new watch face

Apple Watch 4
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

We just got a look at the gold iPhone XS and now it’s the Apple Watch Series 4’s turn. 9to5Mac has leaked an authentic-looking render of the smartwatch which confirms a number of new changes.

The most immediate difference lies in the edge-to-edge display. The borders are noticeably narrower than before, resulting in a much larger screen. It looks like Apple is taking full advantage of this by showing a lot more information than before.

Apple Watch Series 4 Changes

The watch face seen above is completely new and shows 8 different pieces of information, or complications, inside and outside the analog clock. It’s a lot to take in, but it’ll be great for folks who want their upcoming appointments and weather on their Apple Watch’s screen at all times without having to go hunting for them.

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Apple is presumably working on other watch faces which will benefit from having a larger screen to play around with. Interestingly, the Digital Crown and side button look like they’ve gone through some changes too. Rumor has it that the company is ditching the mechanical mechanism from previous models for a solid state one.

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This means that the Digital Crown and side button will vibrate upon contact instead of clicking. The same system is found on the iPhone 7’s home button, allowing it to gain greater water resistance. The Apple Watch could benefit from this well, plus the solid state button will let a bigger battery fit inside.

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There’s a new hole between the Digital Crown and side button, likely an extra microphone. Apple also appears to have let go of the bright red Digital Crown from the last generation. It received a bit of criticism from consumers, perhaps influencing the brand’s decision to redesign it so there’s only a single circle of red.

Apple will show off the Apple Watch Series 4 and 3 new iPhones on September 12. We’ll keep our eyes peeled out for more leaks till then.

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