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Apple Watch 2 to feature cellular data, faster processor

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The Apple Watch is by all accounts a big success for the brand, selling millions of units within its first year of sales. The smartwatch has plenty of detractors though, with many criticizing its slowness and utter dependence on the iPhone.

This is all set to change with the next generation of the Apple Watch if a new report by the Wall Street Journal is to be believed. The article itself focuses on the fact that the original device has sold roughly 12 million units in its debut year, doing miles better than the first-ever iPhone which vended about 6 million units.

The report then draws parallels between the two, highlighting the fact that even the iPhone was initially criticized upon release, but later improvements made it a must-have product. The Apple Watch could go through a similar pattern. The company is apparently looking to equip it with a much faster CPU this time round to ensure apps work more smoothly.

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This development could be tied with an earlier announcement which Apple had made regarding new watchOS apps. As per the declaration, all applications for the device submitted to the App Store after June 1 must be native ones. The rule will be enforced in order to get rid of the performance lag which non-native apps suffer from.

A number of third-party tools depend on the corresponding iPhone app to do all the heavy lifting and then display the results on the Watch, a time-consuming process. Apple is also all set to get rid of another tether tied to the iPhone namely cellular connectivity. The 2016 edition of its smartwatch will reportedly feature data support.

This is a major deal and could further increase the appeal of the Apple Watch to people who don’t want to or can’t carry their handset everywhere. If implemented, it’ll allow users to make and receive calls, get texts and listen to voice messages. Previous speculation had even hinted that the wearable could sport a FaceTime camera to pave the way for video calling.

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to come out either in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference or in September alongside the iPhone 7.