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Apple TV’s Universal Search now supports ABC, Disney Channel and more

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The Universal Search feature on Apple TV has just been blessed with support for networks like ABC, Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney Jr. With the streaming device market so competitive, Apple has really stepped it up with the introduction of this trait.

What the new addition means is that it allows users to easily find content from the above mentioned sources by using a text entry or via a Siri voice command. The entry of these new networks to the Apple TV Universal Search functionality will make shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Girl Meets World, Star Wars Rebels and others more easily accessible than before.

As pointed out by Apple Insider, Apple TV’s Universal Search used to only work with iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO (Now and Go) and Showtime (Regular and Anytime) at launch. Over the months it has enhanced the functionality, with networks like Fox Now, FX Now, National Geographic, PBS and PBS Kids having been added as sources.

The newest Apple TV was introduced back in September last year, as the first one to be equipped with the company’s new TVOS. This software comes with an app store of its own, which enables developers to come up with their own utilities for the platform.

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The hardware of this streaming device includes a dual core Apple A8 processor that’s accompanied by 2GB worth of RAM. There’s no 4K support onboard unfortunately, as only 1080p visuals are supported by the fourth-gen Apple TV. Integration of Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 audio is one of its other highlights.

Like we said, ABC, Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney Jr. are the new networks that have just been added to the list of supported channels on the Universal Search feature of Apple TV.


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