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Apple to repair 3G iPhone problem with software updates

News is that Apple is finding a solution to its 3G iPhone issues through the software updates. A few days back, users reported dropped calls and interrupted web surfing experiences.

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Users from all over the world, right from US to Tokyo are facing similar problems but as the reports say that the users facing problem account to just 2 to 3 percent of the total 3G iPhone users.

The Infineon chips have been reported to be causing problem in the iPhones and hence the bad network cannot be blamed on carriers. However, Infineon officials are defending their chips saying that chips are working in other 3G networks in other brand handsets.

It has been identified that the chips are hindering the 3G phone from switching from a speedier network to a slower one. So the healing balm for the chips seems to be a software upgrade than a product recall.

The software for performing the repairs is being developed by AT&T and Apple in collaboration. Well, we hope there is no more problem after this as Appleā€™s reputation is already at stake after receiving flak over its MobileMe. Apple now has to deal with inefficiencies of 3G iPhone. Shall we pity it for the turmoil it is going through or blame it for the imperfections!