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Apple to debut new Watch, iPhone 6C in March

New rumors suggest Apple is planning to announce the 2nd generation of its Watch and iPhone 6C at an event in March next year. Sources say the latter will indeed be sporting a 4-inch display, something which has been heavily speculated on for quite some time now.

Not much is known about the new Apple Watch. Previous reports suggested the brand was working on features like Wi-Fi, health sensors, a new camera and sleep tracking. If it is unveiled in March 2016, the wearable is likely going to begin shipping by April that year. This timeline is similar to what the company followed for the previous model.

To recall, Apple usually debuts new gadgets during the 2nd half of the year. It broke with this tradition in March 2015 by launching the new 12-inch MacBook, the 1st Apple Watch and the ResearchKit iPhone framework. Going back even further, it had announced the Retina display iPad in March 2012. Based on this, it’s safe to say an early in the year unveiling isn’t that unusual for the company anymore.


Sources have told 9to5Mac that the 4-inch iPhone 6C may be launched alongside the new version of the Apple Watch. Rumors speculate the new handset could be housing a metal build instead of the polycarbonate body of the 5C. However, the manufacturer may retain the colorful look of the previous generation.

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As for specs, the Apple may be stuffing the iPhone 6C with features which fall between the 4-inch 5S and 4.7-inch 6S. For instance, the brand might use older camera units but include its new A9 processer. The smaller option may prove to be popular among people, providing them with a more manageable screen size while not compromising in terms of functionality.