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Apple to Build iPhone With Wraparound Touchscreen, Flexible Display Orientation

iPhone Wrap Concept
Image Credit: ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

Apple has filed a patent for an all-glass iPhone with a wraparound touchscreen, which means all six sides of the smartphone including its edges will have a display. But that’s not even the most exciting part of this filing, if you’ll believe it.

You know that nano-second of inconvenience you feel when you pick up the phone and realize you’re holding it upside down, and then turn it around the right way up? According to US Patent No 2020005752 submitted by the Cupertino-based company, there won’t be a right way to hold the iPhone.

The display orientation will be flexible so that there won’t be any need to bother about the correct screen positioning. The idea sounds so basic and intuitive, it’s a wonder companies haven’t already introduced it. It feels like the kind of technology that should be on everyone’s smartphones right now.

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Apple has not been quick to pounce on and adopt new features (wireless charging, for example) on its iPhone devices until they’re proven to work efficiently and seem readily acceptable to the general public. And it’s unlikely that the company will get on the foldable phones bandwagon anytime soon.

The star of the newly filed patent, that’s the six-sided, wraparound touchscreen for the iPhone may be an option Apple is exploring as a potential release when the time’s ripe for it. And as proven by Xiaomi’s fantastic-looking Mi Mix Alpha, we’re not there yet.

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While Apple’s patent explains its intention to replace the hardware button-embedded sides and the rear panel with functioning glass touchscreens in its futuristic iPhone, it hasn’t offered a compelling reason to market such a device. What will be the purpose of a wraparound screen? How will it enhance the way we interact with it and so on.

The creative engineers at Apple are undoubtedly on the case. For now just give us the flexible display orientation, if nothing else.

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