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Apple Tasks LG With Supplying Displays For Foldable iPhone — Report

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Apple is planning to launch its foldable iPhone soon and now a new report has claimed that the iPhone maker has commissioned LG to develop a display panel for the same.

According to DigiTimes, LG will be collaborating with Apple on its foldable iPhone with its future foldable OLED technology.

The report also states that Apple is aiming for a thinner display than the foldable of its rivals.

Apple has been researching foldable devices since 2016, but rumors surrounding a foldable iPhone have noticeably increased in recent months.

However, the Cupertino-tech giant has not officially announced that when it will be launching a foldable smartphone.

The tech giant has supposedly developed two prototypes, the clamshell, and the book-like shape.

The upcoming foldable iPhone with Galaxy Z Flip-like design will also be more affordable than the competing rivals in the same market.

Apple is also in the process of engineering an iPhone with a folding display similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and iPhone maker has ordered a batch of foldable displays from Samsung, suggesting that it is working on a foldable iPhone.

A report has claimed that the company might also discontinue the iPad Mini after the launch of its foldable iPhones.