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Apple Support app goes live in the US

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Apple’s standalone Support app first hit the limelight about a month ago in markets located outside the US. The tool has now made the leap to the US App Store and is currently up for downloads.

Apple Support acts as a one-stop shop for all your Apple-related queries. While the company had previously allowed you to book Genius Bar appointments via the App Store or head into its Tips app to get answers, both these methods were seen as cumbersome. The latter was oftentimes relegated to a Junk folder or straight-up deleted with the arrival of iOS 10.

Apple Support consolidates the usefulness of both, letting you organize a repair, look at product documentation, and email technicians. The key factor which distinguishes it from the brand’s other efforts is personalization. The application automatically identifies all your iCloud devices and puts them in one place so you won’t have to dig around to find out the model number of each.

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This in turn might speed up the process of talking to Apple’s customer service representatives. You’ll be able to chat with them right within the app’s interface as well. There’s also a Recent History page which maintains a record of all the problems which have affected your items complete with a Case ID.

It even makes note of the subsequent chat history or appointments booked as a consequence of the issue. Apple Support is also capable of sending out reminder notifications for the latter. Meetings can be arranged at Apple Stores or Apple Authorized Service Providers nearby.

You can download Apple Support here. The company has confirmed that more nations will be getting the app in the coming weeks.