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Apple sued for $5 million by Florida couple

Apple’s iOS 9 software comes with a feature named Wi-Fi Assist, and while the company had designed it to be a useful trait for owners of its devices, it has unexpectedly invited a $5 million lawsuit for it. A Florida couple recently filed a class-action suit due to overage costs incurred by them owing to the new trait.

William Scott Phillips and Suzanne Schmidt Phillips claim that after the updating their iPhone 5S handsets to iOS 9, they have incurred heavy data charges due to the Wi-Fi Assist feature having been switched on by default. They have claimed in their suit that the overall amount in controversy exceeds $5 million.

Wi-Fi Assist has been aimed at providing users with a smooth Internet experience by seamlessly switching to cellular data when the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Since the trait is switched on by default, a large number of users discovered excessive data consumption on their iPhones after updating them to iOS 9.

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According to the Apple Insider, the plaintiffs allege that Apple didn’t properly explain Wi-Fi Assist on its website until only after a ‘flood of articles’ about it hit the web. The Cupertino giant has been accused of violating California’s Unfair Competition Law, the state’s False Advertising Law and of negligent misrepresentation.

Earlier this month, Apple was ordered by a court to pay a whopping $234 million in a patent infringement suit filed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. The company has decided to appeal this ruling; so it remains to be seen what happens next.

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Coming back to the Wi-Fi Assist feature, if you wish to turn it off on your iOS 9 device you must head into Settings > Cellular and scroll to the bottom to find it.