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Apple starts displaying ads in App Store search results

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Apple has begun showing ads in the App Store a couple of months after it had declared its intentions to do so. Users will now see sponsored apps at the top of their search results.

The decision to switch to a more Google-esque model wasn’t received well by people back when it was first announced. At the time, Apple tried to reassure consumers by stating that the promoted apps wouldn’t have access to or be able to track their data. Moreover, they’ll be able to clearly distinguish a paid placement from a regular one.

The former is clearly labeled as an ad and presented with a light blue background. Thankfully, these Search Ads will be limited to just one per search result, so individuals won’t have to deal with a deluge of them. Still, indie developers who can’t afford to pay for placement may suffer in the new model.

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Apple’s got an answer for this as well, stating that it will place more importance on relevance than ad spends, so cash-rich companies can’t splurge more to get a guaranteed spot at the top. The company began trying to encourage firms to opt for ads last week by giving away $100 in credit to eligible developers in order to cover the cost of their first campaign.

As pointed out in a screenshot by Venture Beat, searching for the word pokemon throws up an unofficial Pokemon Go app called Catch em instead of the real deal which sits below. For someone unfamiliar with the application, this could lead to them accidentally downloading the wrong app, a serious concern.