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Apple to start assembling iPhone SE in India by April

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While there’s been a lot of discussion regarding Apple’s Make in India plans, one thing that hasn’t been clear is which iPhones will be produced in the country. Previous rumors had pointed towards the iPhone 8 being assembled in the subcontinent.

Now Reuters claims that Apple will start putting together the low-cost iPhone SE in India starting from April this year. The publication’s report is backed up by a recent Economic Times article which asserts that the company is going to make over 300000 to 400000 units in the first go.

However, an industry source with direct knowledge of the matter says that the numbers would be substantially lower initially. He also mentioned that it’s too early to say which other iPhones Apple would produce in the country.

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The Taiwan-based Wistron Corp is apparently setting up a plant in Bengaluru to concentrate on manufacturing iPhones. The firm has so far been associated with producing the iPhone SE and iPhone 5C, so the theory that the former will be the first to get assembled in India makes sense.

Rumor has it that Wistron recently became the third manufacturer in charge of delivering the upcoming 2017 lineup of iPhones after Foxconn and Pegatron. Some even say that it’s going to act as the primary supplier of the iPhone 8 in India.

Apple and the Indian government are by all accounts close to signing a deal for the tech giant’s arrival in the nation. The brand is supposedly trying to negotiate for things like tax concessions. The industry source claims that initial manufacturing of the iPhone SE wasn’t contingent on those requests being granted.