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Apple slashes iPhone, iPad, MacBook prices post GST rollout

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In excellent news for people looking to buy Apple products in India, it seems the recent GST rollout has compelled the brand to officially slash prices for nearly its entire range including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and iMac. This is a rare occurrence, with most cuts usually happening on the retailer end of things rather than directly from the top.

The iPhone 7 now starts at Rs 56200 instead of Rs 60000 for the 32GB model, a Rs 3800 difference. The 128GB iteration is Rs 4800 cheaper at Rs 65200, while the 256GB variant gets a Rs 5600 cut down to Rs 74400. The iPhone 7 Plus gets even bigger discounts at Rs 67300 (Rs 4700 lower), Rs 76200 (Rs 5800 lower), and Rs 85400 (Rs 6600 lower), respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum is the 32GB iPhone SE, with Apple’s most affordable iPhone going from Rs 27200 to Rs 26000, a Rs 1200 fall. The cut is even bigger for the 128GB version which is now Rs 2200 cheaper at Rs 35000. Those on the market for the older iPhone 6S can snap up the 32GB option at Rs 46900 (a Rs 3100 drop) and 128GB one at Rs 55900 (a Rs 4100 drop).

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Finally, Apple’s gone from selling the iPhone 6S Plus at Rs 60000 (32GB) and Rs 70000 (128GB) to Rs 56100 and Rs 65000, respectively. As for iPads, the brand’s surprisingly made its latest iPad Pro series lighter on the pocket before even releasing it in the country.

When it does arrive, the entry-level 64GB Wi-Fi only 10.5-inch iPad Pro will set buyers back by Rs 50800 and the Rs 12.9-inch one by Rs 63500. On the laptop side of things, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is now available at Rs 228100, a massive Rs 11800 discount.

For now, online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon India are still offering discounts on Apple products based on the older rate. We’ll have to wait and see whether e-commerce sites present even bigger cuts now that official costs have sunk lower.