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Apple slapped with lawsuit over Apple Watch heart rate sensor

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Apple is facing yet another lawsuit, this time from a company called Omni MedSci which claims that the iPhone maker is infringing on technology related to the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor. The latter is now demanding an injunction against the former, in addition to damages.

Omni MedSci is owned by a man named Dr. Mohammed Islam who claims he met with Apple starting from 2014 up until 2016. The first time was apparently in June 2014, just 3 months before the first Apple Watch got announced. He met with the brand again in February 2015.

Here is where things get tricky for Islam. His original patents, which were at the application stage at the time, talked about a wearable device which used a light source and a receiver module to capture non-invasive blood measurements. AppleInsider reports that he made modifications to his IP after his meeting with Apple.

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This included several more mentions of wearable devices and LED light sources. Islam says he continued to communicate with Apple up until December 2017, at which point the company told him it didn’t want to receive any information about any of his IPs.

While the methods described in Islam’s patents are similar to Apple’s own implementation, the fact that the Apple Watch came out mere months after he met with the brand indicates that the latter already had its heart rate monitor in place well before he entered the picture. The tech behemoth hasn’t said anything about the lawsuit yet, but it’ll probably fight the case tooth and nail.