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Apple to shrink the 2019 iPhone’s notch

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Love it or hate it, the iPhone X’s notch is here to stay for the next couple of years up until Apple manages to find a way to hide all its sensors from view. There is some good news for those who fall in the latter camp though, as a new report claims that the company is working on ways to make it smaller.

As per ET News, Apple is looking to strengthen its facial recognition technology starting from the 2019 iPhone. It’s planning to increase the number of parts used for the handset and combine the face recognition module with a camera module.

The second half of that claim is particularly interesting as it suggests that the infrared camera used for Face ID could be blended with the regular RBG one used for taking selfies. This would save up on plenty of space, allowing Apple to shrink the size of the notch.

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As it stands now, the notch houses a flood illuminator, infrared camera, ambient light sensor, dot projector, proximity sensor, front camera, and speaker and microphone. It’s fairly wide, leaving just enough space for basic status bar items to be displayed, but not enough for details like what the battery percentage is.

LG Innotec is the force behind the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera. It’ll continue being Apple’s partner for the foreseeable future, with recent reports suggesting that it has invested $821 million into its facilities specifically to accommodate the brand. It seems the iPhone maker is going to expand Face ID support to more of its products in 2018 and 2019.

SourceET News