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Apple seems to have removed the iPhone 7’s Smart Connector

Smart Connector
An earlier image of the alleged iPhone 7 bearing the Smart Connector on its back

The iPhone 7 is where all the attention of Apple fans seems to be at the moment. And while many were excited to hear rumors about the Smart Connector having made its way onto this smartphone, it appears now that the company has backtracked on this decision.

Pictures of earlier prototypes of the iPhone 7 as well as one of its leaked schematics had clearly shown the device bearing the three tiny circles that constitute the Smart Connector. However, Macotakara is now saying that this feature has been pulled from the handset.

For those unaware, the Smart Connector was introduced by Apple with the iPad Pro tablet it released last year. It is actually meant to transfer both data and power between the device and the Smart Keyboard.

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One would wonder then that how could this technology have benefited the iPhone 7 since it most definitely won’t be tagging along its own keyboard. However, this could have paved way for a number of other accessories that may have benefited from the extra power provided by the iPhone.

Not too long ago, another major u-turn was taken by Apple with its headphone connector. Since a number of months, it was being speculated that the next-gen device will be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack and just adopting the Lightning connector for that purpose.

This apparent decision had met with tremendous backlash from fans who were worried about their expensive third-party headphones becoming obsolete after the launch of the iPhone 7. However, it was recently learned thanks to a leak that the 3.5mm jack has been brought back into the device.

We’re expecting the iPhone 7 to be unveiled by Apple this September. Stay tuned until then for more about the upcoming handset.