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Apple secretly working on batteries for self-driving car

Apple Car Concept
Apple Car Concept

Apple may be working on building a driverless car of its own after all, with a new article dropping big hints that the company is working in that direction. It’s apparently secretly collaborating with a Chinese battery manufacturer specifically on automotive battery research and development.

This is momentous news and marks a big change in the story so far. To recap, Apple’s initial goal was to build an autonomous car of its own. However, the initiative was apparently beset with problems and later took a pivot towards focusing only on software, not hardware.

Apple CEO Tim Cook later sort-of confirmed this in an interview earlier this year, talking about how the company was working on autonomous systems, calling it one of the most difficult AI projects to work on. Since then, the general view has been that the firm was pouring all its efforts into perfecting the AI side of things when it comes to driverless cars.

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Yicai Global’s report indicates that Project Titan may go back to its roots by going into business with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL). The entire deal is supposedly protected by a confidentiality agreement, but that didn’t stop sources from confirming that the two are working together on developing batteries.

Batteries make or break electric self-driving cars. Apple will have to perfect the technology if it is indeed looking to break into the car making business. As for CATL, it separated itself from Amperex Technology Ltd (ATL), the Cupertino-based brand’s biggest battery supplier, back in 2011.