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Apple says it’s sorry for iPhone slowdowns, cuts battery price

iPhone 6S

It looks like the wave of bad press has finally gotten to Apple since the company has at last stepped up and apologized to its customers for slowing down their iPhones. It’s still sticking to its guns about why it decided to throttle performance in the first place, but there is a silver lining in that it’s offering a $50 discount for out-of-warranty battery replacements.

This means that people will only have to pay $29 (roughly Rs 1855) to get a new battery for the iPhone 6 and above. The cut will be in place worldwide from late January 2018 till December 2018. Apple’s also planning to send out an iOS update in early 2018 which will let users look into the health of their battery and determine if it’s making things slower.

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Apple is planning to improve how it manages performance and avoid unexpected shutdowns as batteries age too. These steps might help the brand regain trust, but there’s still a long way to go. It has plenty of lawsuits filed against it alleging that it slowed down iPhones to force people to buy new handsets.

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Naturally, Apple is denying this in its apology letter, stating that it would never do anything to degrade user experience or shorten the lifespan of any of its products. Like before, the brand once again discussed how rechargeable batteries lose power over time and iOS 10.2.1’s power management methods were meant to address that and stop unexpected shutdowns.

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Apple’s now disclosed just what these methods are. For the most extreme cases, the list includes longer app launch times, backlight dimming, lower speaker volume, and the disabling of camera flash. The level of interference depends on an iPhone to iPhone basis, so one person might not notice anything amiss, while another will have to deal with a noticeable slowdown.

It’s unclear what will happen with these iPhone lawsuits now that Apple has come forward and admitted its mistakes. Many folks bought new iPhones instead of just replacing their battery. This discounted battery scheme won’t bring back the money they spent.

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