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Apple, Samsung fined millions for slowing down phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iPhone 6S
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Apple got into a huge controversy last year when it was discovered that it slowed down iPhones, with many accusing it of doing this on purpose to force people to upgrade to a new iPhone. Turns out, Italian authorities agree. They’re fining the company and Samsung for good measure.

The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) has ruled that Apple and Samsung have released software updates which have caused its older phones to experience serious malfunctions and significantly reduced performance. Moreover, people weren’t able to go back and restore the original functionality on their devices.

Samsung Messes Up Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is guilty of ruining the Galaxy Note 4 with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. The phone came out in 2014 and the OS in 2016. Italy claims it released the software without warning customers about the greater stress on the hardware this upgrade would cause. This, in turn, resulted in malfunctions and out-of-warranty repairs.

CNET reports that Samsung is vehemently denying this charge and is contesting the government’s decision. The brand says it didn’t release a software update to purposely reduce the Galaxy Note 4’s performance. It needs to make a good argument since it’ll have to pay a 5 million euro fine if it doesn’t find a way out of this.

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Apple hasn’t said anything about the matter yet, but it probably isn’t happy either. It has to pay a whopping 10 million euro fine. That’s because it’s guilty of two crimes. One is for rolling out iOS 10 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S without telling users that it might cause unexpected shutdowns.

When these issues surfaced eventually, Apple beamed out iOS 10.2.1, but again didn’t tell consumers that this was going to throttle their iPhones. The second mistake it made was not providing consumers with adequate information about their iPhone battery like its average lifespan and how to maintain it.