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Apple, Samsung finally end iPhone patent battle after 7 years

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Apple and Samsung’s 7-year-long battle over patents is finally over. The case began all the way back in 2011 and has finally been brought to an end in 2018.

Lucy Koh, the judge in charge of the case, says Apple and Samsung told her that they had reached a settlement. Unfortunately, the terms of the agreement were not revealed in her court filing. That’s too bad since last we heard, Apple had been rewarded $539 million and Samsung had appealed the verdict.

Apple vs Samsung Timeline

It’s not clear why the pair suddenly decided to make peace with each other. Perhaps even they were tired of constant court battles over an issue that had already been settled a long time ago. The saga began with Apple accusing Samsung of infringing on the iPhone’s design and utility patents like the home screen grid and tap to zoom.

Apple won the case and scored $1 billion as its reward at first. Samsung fought back through appeal after appeal until the matter reached the Supreme Court. Then it was the South Korean company’s turn to win as the judge decided that it should be billed only for the patents it violated and not the iPhone as a whole.

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This victory was short-lived though, as the case went back to the original California court. Apple triumphed over Samsung, successfully convincing the jury that the compensation should be based on the profits made from the entire smartphone and not just parts of it.

Samsung didn’t want to lose face, so it appealed the $539 million verdict. It wanted to pay only $28 million. The case is closed now, but no one knows just how it ended. Apple predictably isn’t saying anything publicly, instead just re-releasing its earlier statement about how the case was about more than money.