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Apple Rolls Out Fix For Siri Remote Bug Via New tvOS Update

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If you’re one of those 3rd gen Apple TV 4K users who’s been feeling frustrated about the Siri remote bug that has the device either disconnecting or acting odd, or both, there’s a fix for it now.

No need to rely on the iPhone’s built-in Remote app to control your Apple TV anymore.

The tvOS 16.3.3 update can be downloaded onto your remote by going to Settings>System>Software Updates>Update Software>Download and Install. If you have automatic software updates enabled, there’s no need to go through the aforementioned process.

The release notes say that the update is for the Siri Remote issue on the latest Apple TV 4K. This fix feels like it’s come too late considering that complaints about the buggy remote have been popping up all over the Internet for over six months.

There is an official support page up for users facing issues with their Apple TV remote. Some of the suggestions include –

  • Restarting the remote
  • Pairing it with the TV once again
  • Keeping both the TV and remote within the operational range of 20 feet
  • Removing possible obstructions from its path
  • Charging the remote for half an hour
  • Unplugging and then plugging back the Apple TV

None of the above steps worked for some of the users plagued by the remote’s disconnection and erratic performance issues. Hopefully, the tvOS 16.3.3 update will fix this.