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Apple rolls out iOS 9.2 to the public

Apple has released iOS version 9.2 for all supporting iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch models, a few weeks after beta-testing the software among users and developers. The update is approximately 300MB in size, although the figure varies according to the device it’s being downloaded for.

iOS 9.2 comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements. Several changes have been made to tools like Apple Music, which now pushes the most recently changed playlist to the top when a user wants to add a song to a list. Additionally, they also have the option to make a new playlist when they want to insert a track.

Mobile Syrup reports that the classical music catalog in iOS 9.2 has been enhanced to show performers, works and composers. Furthermore, people can now download music from their iCloud library by selecting the iCloud download icon. They can additionally view which songs have been loaded with a brand-new indicator next to each track and save audio offline.

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Apple has granted the News app a fresh Top Stories section which displays the most important articles of the day. However, only individuals residing in the US, UK and Australia have access to this feature. The brand has also supplemented the Mail app with a new Mail Drop tool which can be used to send large attachments.

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iBooks now supports Apple’s 3D Touch function. Consumers will be able to peek and pop pages right from the table of contents, bookmarks, notes and search results. They may further listen to an audiobook while going through their collection or reading other books. Finally, iOS 9.2 allows Siri to communicate in Arabic for users in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.