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Apple Reuse and Recycling program gets the green light in UK

The Apple Reuse and Recycling program has arrived in UK stores at last, allowing consumers from the said region to trade in their devices at select locations in order to gain discounts on new purchases. Such a platform was already being offered online by the Cupertino company since the last few years, but it’s for the first time that it will be made available by Apple stores.

This means you can head onto the company’s website, type in the details of the your device and gain an estimate of its value before heading to your nearest Apple store to trade it in. And on buying another product from the same category, the initial value will get deducted from its price.

Apple Reuse and Recycling

Apple has revealed that it will accept devices irrespective of whether they’re working or not, but monetary value will only be granted to qualifying devices. Estimation of their pricing will be done by Dataserv.

Pocket-Lint has received an official statement from Apple in which the company has said that iPhones ‘hold great value’ for it. And hence, Apple retail stores in the UK have decided to launch this Reuse and Recycling program to assist customers in the process of submitting their previous-generation iPhones for reuse or recycling.

The company has even said that apart from gaining discounts on their new purchases, consumers will also be actively contributing to the environment by putting their electronic waste to good use. Like we said, the Apple Reuse and Recycling program is live now in UK’s Apple stores. Those interested can grab more details about it through the company’s website.