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Apple Restores Partial MobileMe Access, Some Emails Maybe Lost

With a reportedly 1 percent of its customers getting affected, Apple is now trying to take the control of the situation first by issuing a clarification note to the users. It was last Wednesday when we reported that the server of Appleā€™s MobileMe had crashed leaving users fuming over inaccessibility to their e-mails for as much as 4 to 5 days.

Apple MobileMe

David G. from Apple announced about the improved situation of its MobileMe users, on the MobileMe blog on Sunday. It seems some user now have access to blacked-out MobileMe e-mail accounts.

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The company has also admitted that a 10 percent of the e-mails received between 18 to 22nd of July could have been lost. The rest were being saved on a different server since July 23.

It seems 40 percent of the users can now access their e-mails via a Mac, PC and iPhone, while the rest of the users can remain assured that their problem will also be fixed within a few days. It has been suggested that if you would like to check the original date of a message, then the headers in the log of the MobileMe Mail via Preferences can be checked for the mailing date and time.

MobileMe was launched by Apple on July 9 and has been in troubled waters since then. The current breakdown in its working has been heavily criticized and not anticipating heavy pressure and overload of e-mails and failing to create a back-up has been regarded as an immature move from Apple.

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