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Apple responds to bendgate, begins selling iPhone 6 models in new markets

Apple’s has finally broken gone on the record and has given a statement regarding the bendgate controversy which arose when a number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models were revealed to be bending in owners’ pockets. It has clearly brushed aside all the flak by saying that only nine such complaints have have been registered till now.

Noting that the new iPhone range’s design is both ‘beautiful and sturdy,’ Apple revealed that high-quality materials and construction were used in the structure to ensure strength and durability, but of course. The company told Re/Code that a number if ‘rigorous tests’ including ‘3-point bending, pressure point cycling, sit, torsion, and user studies’ were performed on the devices during their development cycles.

iPhone 6 Bendgate

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So what about the iPhone 6 models which have bent in spite of proof against that? Well Apple’s customer care revealed yesterday that those affected will need to bring their handsets to authorized stores where the company’s representatives will decide whether or not to replace them.

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The controversy arose at the start of this week when several reports of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bending inside users’ pockets started chiming in. Following this, Internet videos showing exactly how much force is needed to bend the device began popping up, resulting in what’s being referred to as bendgate now.

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Meanwhile, Apple is continuing its second roll-out of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, which will make it available in 20 more nations. They will first be released in New Zealand, and other countries including Finland, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, UAE and more will get them once the morning of September 26 approaches their territory.

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