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Apple replacing recalled iPod nano with sixth generation units

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Addressing the issue at hand, Apple has apparently begun shipping current generation iPod nanos in order to replace the recalled first generation models. The company had earlier filed for a complete recall of the units in question as the battery of the device may overheat and be a cause for concern.

MacRumors has confirmation that users of the prior generation iPod nanos have been receiving the present unit as a replacement for their old gadget. One such Apple fan has revealed that the previous device which was sent to the company a month ago, has now been substituted with a sixth generation iPod nano that is drenched in a silver hue. Apparently, the serial number indicates that the warranty has expired.

Earlier, Apple had been replacing the recalled first generation units with refurbished models of the same generation. But according to MacRumors, the company is now sending across current-generation units to device owners. So this can only mean good news for users who have ordered a replacement which might just take around 6 weeks to reach their doorstep.

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As Apple reveals, the affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. The company seems to have zeroed in on the single battery supplier who unveiled these pieces with a manufacturing defect. The probability of a serious incident taking place is rare, as per Apple but the likelihood of it posing a safety hazard to users, increases as the battery ages. Once owners order a replacement, their iPod nano serial number will be verified by the company, to determine whether it is suitable for the program or not.

The iPod nano hit stores back in September 2005 in capacities of 2GB and 4GB with a 1GB model that followed soon after.