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Apple releases 3.1.2 Update for Safari that is run on Windows OS

Safari Windows Logos Apple has released 3.1.2 update for its Safari browser for Windows. The latest update fixes security and other issues faced by Windows users.

The vulnerability is serious as it created security issues for Safari running on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating systems. The flaw is caused by a combination of both the name of the folder where Safari downloads files and the way Windows manages files.

With latest Safari update, Apple has changed the default download folder to Documents if running on Windows XP, or Downloads, in case of running on Windows Vista. Moreover, Safari will ask for the approval before downloading any file. Every time users can accept or reject the proposal of downloading any file.

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Though with the new 3.1.2 update, Apple has fixed one more issue that is related to accessing .bmp or .gif files.

Both the problems are faced only by the Safari users that run the browser on Windows XP or Vista. Safari users who run the browser on their Mac systems do not witness any such problems.

Windows XP and Vista users using Safari browser can fix the issues with the 3.1.2 update which is available on

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