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Apple has again released iOS 9.3 for bricked iPhones and iPads

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It’s no secret that iOS 9.3 came with a serious bug that caused older iPhones and iPads to get bricked during the update process. Apple has now re-released the same software in the form of a different built which fixes the fatal flaw for those affected.

The whole story began when iOS 9.3 was first released by the company following the launch of the iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro. Older iPhone and iPad models of some users were unable to connect with Apple’s servers to start the activation process, thus leaving the products useless.

Some of them did manage to get around this problem by entering their account login quickly, but others weren’t so lucky. Apple has been quick in acknowledging their problem, and once they install the re-released update, they are good go.

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But now there’s the question of how they will install it if their devices are bricked. They will need to enter DFU mode and connect their device to a PC or Mac via a cable in order to download the firmware through iTunes.

The release of iOS 9.3 hasn’t been a smooth one at all for Apple. A few days ago, issues related specifically to the iPad 2 had led to the company having to release its update again. And apart from that problem and this new re-release, the update also appears to suffer from a bug due to which opening links is causing some apps to hang and crash. The firm is yet to acknowledge this issue.

iOS 9.3 has been equipped by Apple with a number of new features, the highlight among which is Night Mode which changes the color temperature of the display to suit the time of the day and the location.