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Apple brings down prices of iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and mini tablets

Even though their predecessors have been unveiled now, Apple will continue to sell the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini tablets to interested buyers. And as is the case after every big launch event by the company, the precursors have received price cuts to appeal to a wider audience.

While it’s no surprise that the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 (also known as iPad mini with Retina display) are staying after the launches of their immediate successors earlier today, the fact that 2012’s iPad mini is also sticking around is a bit of a surprise. Anyway, if you’re a tablet enthusiast, you’re most probably here for the new prices of these products, so let’s not keep you waiting for long.

iPad Air

The thin and light iPad Air will be made available at $399 or $449 in its Wi-Fi form. Those prices apply to the 16GB and 32GB variants of the device, respectively. In the same order, $529 and $579 are the new prices of the cellular version of the tablet.

iPad mini 2

The Wi-Fi-only models of the iPad mini 2 will be available in exchange of $299 or $349, in the form of 16GB or 32GB variants, respectively. On the other hand, the cellular models of this slate will have their prices cut down to $429 (16GB) and $479 (32GB). And then there’s the first-gen iPad mini which will be offered only in 16GB variants at $249 (Wi-Fi) or $379 (cellular).

iPad mini

If you’re not aware, Apple released two new exciting tablets today in the form of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. These slates will be going on sale in a a number of different markets from around the world in the weeks to come. They are accompanied in the flagship range by the two new iPhones of course.


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