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Apple: Record number of Android users switching to iPhones

Android currently has the largest market share worldwide, but Apple’s new revelation is hinting that the iPhone-maker is slowly and steadily eating into it. The company’s CEO Tim Cook has gone on to disclose that about 30 percent of its smartphones sold in the fourth quarter were grabbed by those who were switching from Android devices.

To put it simply, three out of ten people buying iPhones in the last quarter were coming from using Android handsets. Cook has also mentioned that this is the highest rate Apple has ever seen.

What’s even more exciting to note is that the last quarter ended for the company on September 26. That’s just two days after the iPhone 6S variants were introduced by it, meaning that the number could have been way higher since the new models too have managed to break the firm’s sales records.

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In the bygone quarter, Apple managed to swing a mind-boggling $51.5 billion its way in terms of revenue. Cut the costs and the profits of the iPhone-maker come up to $11.1 billion, marking an increase of $2.6 billion from the same period last year.

The Cupertino giant has said that the rise in revenue was led by strong sales of its iPhone models, which is no surprise. Credit has also been given to the wider availability of the Apple Watch, ‘all-time records’ for Mac sales as well as money being raked in from services like iTunes and Apple Music.

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To put it simply, Apple has had its best year ever in terms of revenue. And the fact that more Android users are switching to iPhones than ever before, would only add to the company’s delight.