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Apple realityOS for AR/VR Headset Found Hiding In Source Code

apple logo Apple may call the operating system powering its AR/VR headset realityOS, according to various folks who spotted mention of the term in Apple open source code and App Store upload logs.

There have long been rumors that Apple is working on an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality headset. But nothing as concrete as this has even come to the fore. Where there’s a new OS, there’s surely a new device in the making.

If a mixed reality or AR/VR headset is being developed by Apple, it makes sense that the device would use an OS separate from iOS, iPadOS, watchOS or MacOS. So it’s not stretching it very far to assume that Apple might refer to the software for its mixed reality or extended reality headgear as ‘realityOS’.

Various reports have surfaced over the years regarding the possible launch date of the Apple headset. There were speculations and ‘leaks’ regarding the same as far back as 2016. Every so often, we hear a new story about the device arriving the following year. But word about this in 2022 feels different because the time seems ripe for AR/VR headsets to hit the mainstream market.


What would Apple’s AR/VR headset offer users and at what price point would it be sold? We can’t see the company selling it at less than what rival devices cost. So we might be talking about upwards from $1,300 even if Apple intends to earn the real cash off it from App Store purchases.

The headset is likely to be built with a focus on gaming and content streaming. Since most businesses may not yet be willing to shell out extra money to have employees attend meetings and team building exercises with AR/VR glasses strapped to their heads, we don’t expect Apple to make a play for corporate crowds at the initial stage.

These are all speculations, of course. The only thing we know for certain at present is that Apple is crafting some sort of software called realityOS which is not being used on any of its currently available devices.