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Apple raises Mac prices in India by up to Rs 61800

New MacBook Air

Apple just got done releasing the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini in New York. New models usually translate to price cuts for older models, but the iPhone maker is taking the opposite route in India.

Instead of lowering rates, Apple has hiked Mac costs by up to a whopping Rs 61800. It’s not clear what prompted this massive hike in the country. It’s not like increasing the numbers will yield more sales. The lineup is already very expensive. For instance, the new MacBook Air starts at an eye-wateringly high Rs 114900, a major jump over its predecessor.

Mac Price Hike

That predecessor, the old 13-inch MacBook Air (128GB), is now more costly than ever before. As listed by Gadgets360, it currently sells for Rs 84900. This is a significant Rs 7700 increase over its previous rate. Apple should ideally have granted it a discount since it looks ancient compared to its successor.

Apple’s not even giving US consumers a break with the old MacBook Air, vending it for the same $999 as before. Still, at least the laptop hasn’t become pricier. Back in India, the 12-inch MacBook (256GB) is available at Rs 119900, Rs 15100 more than before.

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Over on the Pro side of things, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (256GB) has jumped up by Rs 25000 to land at Rs 224900. The laptop isn’t even the most expensive item on the docket. That honor belongs to the 27-inch iMac Pro with Retina 5K display. That’ll cost you Rs 464900 now, Rs 49900 more than before.

The device with the biggest hike is the Mac Pro with a 3GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor. It’s gone from selling at Rs 318100 to Rs 379900, a Rs 61800 difference. The new MacBook Air and Mac mini are coming to India on November 7.