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Apple Promises iOS 14.5 Fix For Battery Drain Issue In iPhone 11 Series

Apple iPhone 11 Battery Drain Fix iOS 14.5
Image: Apple

Apple has promised a fix in iOS 14.5 that will cater to iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users who’ve been facing unusual battery draining issues or lower peak performance capability.

To check if this is an issue with your iPhone 11 series device, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This section is divvied up into three parts Maximum Capacity, Peak Performance Capability and Optimized Battery Charging.

The first is a measure of your phone’s battery capacity at present as compared to when it was brand new. Rechargeable batteries tend to age (like all consumable components). So it’s likely that your device’s Maximum Capacity will be below 100%.

Next comes Peak Performance Capability. This bit should ideally say your battery is supporting normal peak performance. In case you own an iPhone 11 with battery drain issues or poor peak performance capability, the health reporting system could actually be at fault.

When Apple releases iOS 14.5 in spring, iPhone 11 users will be able to recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability under the battery health reporting system.

Once you’ve updated to iOS 14.5 and swiped through to Battery Health, the recalibration process should BE VISIBLE. It can take a few weeks to be completed and will either fix the faulty reporting or tell you to claim a free replacement battery.

“Recalibration for maximum capacity and peak performance capability will happen over time with regular charge cycles. If the process is successful, the recalibration message will be removed and your maximum capacity percentage will be updated,” says Apple on its support page.

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If the recalibration of the battery health reporting system is not successful, iPhone 11 users can go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to replace the battery free of charge in order to restore full performance and capacity.

The recalibration process is being tested in the latest release of the developer beta of iOS 14.5.