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Apple patents OIS tech which could give rise to ‘super-resolution’ photographs

Optical image stabilization is something we’re seeing on a number of smartphones these days, but Apple has gone ahead and seemingly developed its own unique take on this technology. A fresh patent filing application with the USPTO has revealed that a camera equipped with this machinery will be able to click ‘super-resolution’ photographs.

What are they, you ask? They can be described as a single compilation of multiple image samples that are amalgamated to create a high-density end photograph. But then there’s the question of how is this different from the HDR mode that’s a staple on most modern smartphones? As observed by Apple Insider, Cupertino’s OIS technology will click images at different angles in a rapid succession.

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An engine will then merge them together to create the final ‘super-resolution’ output. As its name suggests, Optical Image Stabilization has been used traditionally as something meant for preventing shakes from spoiling the photographs. But Apple’s completely unique use of it has come as a surprise.

This system developed by the company will make use of an actuator for OIS positioning, a positioning sensor, an inertial sensor, an OIS processor and an image processing engine in order to work, apart from a camera of course. But an important piece of information is that this patent was filed back in 2012.

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The fact that it still hasn’t made its way to any Apple iPhone device after that produces a possibility that it could also give the upcoming iPhone 6 a miss. After all, the said iOS smartphone is expected to be a slim affair which won’t remain that if all the equipment needed to implement the above mentioned technology is crammed into it.